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2.4 GHz 126 Channel Wireless DMX Unit

Aircom 126 transmits and receives standard DMX 512 protocol data by wireless way, which solve lighting control issues of wireless communication between lighting controllers and fixtures. It gets rid of relying on connecting cables completely, and also can ensure without any time delay when signal data is real time and reliable. It adopts global free 2.4GHz ISM frequency band and high effective GFSK modulation. Communication design is in 126 channels jumping frequency with high anti-jamming ability. The product is therefore applied in many contexts, such as stage lighting disco hall, gymnasium lighting, portable stage performance, conference centers, theme parks, bar lighting, and so on. In short, a really useful tool to solve DMX connection problems quickly.

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

Both Transmitting and Receiving operation within same unit
One transmitter can manage more receivers at the same time
7 groups ID code set table, User can use 7 groups individual wireless nets without any interfere each other in the same place
Each net contains 512 DMX channels
126 channels jumping frequency (7 groups x 16 channel frequencies) to avoid interferences
High anti-jamming ability to ensure working reliability
Work frequency range 2.4 GHz ISM band (no license needed)
Communication distance 300 m
Tricolor LED displaying for easy setup
High quality power supply stage for maximum stability at wider range voltage input
More specifications


Frequency Band 2.4 GHz ISM
Modulation Type GFSK Modulation
Frequency range 24,000 ~ 24,835 GHz
Channel Frequencies 126 jumping frequencies
Communication Distance 300 m
Receiver Sensibility -106 dBm
Transmission Power 20 dBm
Antenna 100 mm helical SMA antenna
Protocols DMX512
Number of DMX Channels 512 Channels within each ID
Power Input AC88 ~ 256 Vac - 50/60 Hz
Data Input/Outputs 3-pin XLR male (In) female (out) sockets
Data Pin Configuration Pin 1 shield, Pin 2 (-), Pin 3 (+)
Unit Size (WxHxD) 150x50x76 mm
Unit Net Weight 0.27 kg
Packing Size (WxHxD) 175x87x98 mm
Packing Gross Weight 0.5 kg