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Snare Cajòn Tribal TATTOO Series

The Cajòn is a percussion instrument born in Perù. At the begin it was an adapted fruit shipping crate. The modern Cajòn has been modified drunig the years and is now made with more professional materials that create a better sound and let this instrument be used in many music styles. SCAJ-05 features a SIAM OAK Natural finished front panel and a dark brown satin body. The 14 tuning screws ensure the most precise tuning ever.this model feature 2 internal snare assembled in the top part of the cabinet. The TATTOO series Cajon are customized with exclusive SOUNDSATION artowork on the top of the instrument.

€ 130,00

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Key features & Specifications


Key features

Dimension 30 cm x 30,5 cm H 45 cm
SIAM OAK frontal panel
Double Internal Snare
14 tuning points
Ultra-Grip Rubber Feets
Top Resonance construction system
Front Panel finishes Natural
Body finishes Satin brown

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